How to Choose the Best One?

Imagine you’ve decided to buy a necklace. Everything seems to be simple enough? Unfortunately, the first question that should come to your mind is, will it be gold or silver? Afterwards, which weaving are you most interested in? And one of the most important aspects is the correct length of the necklace. To make it easier, we‘ll give you a few ideas on how to choose your item.
Necklace Weaves

There are usually 3 main types of weaving, i.e. “Anchor”, “Armoured” and “Bismarck”. More than 50 variations of these weaves have been created to this day.  

Here is a part of weaving examples with their names:



The Most Appropriate Length of the Necklace

It is important to know and choose the necklace of an appropriate length. This could be influenced by your body type, shape of the face, height, etc. You must also keep in mind that necklaces look different on men and women.

Length of the necklace


~25 cm -  35 cm

Close to the neck

~40 cm

Falls loosely, close to the neck

~45 cm

At the level of the collarbone

~50 cm

Below the level of the collarbones

~55 cm

Upper part of the chest

~60 cm

Middle part of the chest

~71 cm – ~96 cm

Below the chest

~101 cm

Above the bellybutton

Women Necklces

The necklaces of 25 cm – 35 cm in length are usually really close to the neck, but this is also greatly influenced by the diameter of your neck. If you wish for the necklace to be close to your neck, but would still be a little loose, choose the length of ~40 cm, as it usually sits above the collarbone.   

Necklaces of 45 cm in length usually sit on the collarbone, but are still quite close to the neck. A pendant attached to this type of necklace would hand at level of the sternum. Necklaces of such length are among the most popular ones. But if you wish for the necklace to sit below the collarbone, choose a necklace of 50 cm in length.   

A necklace of 55 cm in length would sit at the middle part of the chest.

Necklaces of 101 cm in length are usually wrapped around the neck a several times.


Men Necklaces

Length of the necklace


~45 cm

Close to the neck

~50 cm

On the collarbone

~55 cm

Few cm below the collarbone

~60 cm

On the chest


The usual length of men necklaces is 46-61 cm. Such models are the most popular ones. For a man of average-size the necklace of 46 cm would be very close to the neck. If you’re looking for a looser fit, consider a length of 51 cm. To most men it sits at the level of the collarbone.  A necklace of 51 cm in length is the most popular choice among men. A necklace of 56 cm will sit below the collarbones.
The longest length of men necklaces are 61 cm and it will sit at chest level.  


An Appropriate Length of the Necklace According to a Women’s Body Type

When wishing to highlight the body of a woman, an impressive neck piece is a must. When you’re choosing or investing into a new neck piece, especially if it’s an expensive one, you must consider how the chosen length of the necklace will fit you. When choosing the length of the necklace, the most important aspects are: the diameter of your neck, height, size of the body and shape of your face.  

Choose the Appropriate Length with regard to the Neck

When choosing a necklace, the most important factor is your neck. This body part differs for everyone, so if a typical “choker” would look great on most women, it might be too short or too long for you. If you have an opportunity, measure the diameter of your neck before purchasing a neck piece. If your neck diameter is 35 cm, a necklace of at least 40 cm in length is recommended.  

Choosing the most Appropriate Necklace Length with regard to Your Height


Recommended length of the necklace

162 cm and less

The most appropriate necklace length is 40-50 cm. Choosing a V-style necklace will extend your neck line and will make you look taller.

162 cm – 170 cm

All lengths of necklaces suit you.

170 cm and over

All lengths of necklaces suit you, however, longer necklaces would look the best.


A Necklace in regard to Your Body Type

Necklaces frame your face, so to speak. By changing the length of the necklace, you can change the shape of your face – widen, narrow, make more oblong, squared or circular. Here’s a tip on how to choose a necklace according to the shape of your face.  


Shape of the face (Recommended length of the necklace)
Heart shaped(From 25 cm to 40 cm )
A short necklace will soften and decrease the strict line of the chin part of the heart shaped face. 
Round(From 66 cm to 91 cm)
Longer necklaces will extend the jaw part. Persons with round face shape should especially avoid wearing short necklaces, because they will highlight the roundness of the face even more. 
Rectangular and oblong(From 25 cm to 35 cm)
Short necklaces make the obviously oblong face seem shorter, and sharp edges are softened. 
Oval shaped(Any length )
Those having an oval shaped face can wear necklaces of any length. 

How to Choose a Men’s Necklace of the Appropriate Length?

The diameter of the neck is the most important factor when choosing a men’s necklace. Just like the women, you should also measure the diameter of your neck.
When purchasing a necklace, it should be longer than the diameter of your neck by a few centimetres. For example, if the diameter of your neck is 41 cm, the shortest recommended length should be of at least 51 cm in length. The later length is the most popular for men. An appropriate length would also be the one at the level of the collarbone.   
A necklace of 56-61 cm in length should be worn together with a pendant, medallion, cross, etc.  
Different lengths of the necklaces may create many different images and styles.